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Eat right and exercise daily!
Walk with God!
Run from the devil!


Anointed Touch Health, Fitness, & Beauty

Are you struggling with consistency & discipline with weight loss?

Ready to regain self-confidence & grow physically, mentally, & spiritually?

Is this you? 

 Struggling to be consistent?

Tired of not having self-control or discipline?

Need help with weight loss, nutrition, and workouts?

Faith, Food, & Fitness is using Godly principles designed to help with accountability, motivation, guidance, and support!

It's time to regain self-confidence and grow physically, spiritually, and mentally. Book NOW to join before the time is up! Discover your inner BOSS with Anointed Touch using Godly principles!

Life-Changing Testimonials

- Glen

When I started with Anointed, I was 400 plus pounds. I lost over 130 pounds. I was in the doctor's office one day visiting my Dr. He told me that if I don’t get myself together with my health I had about 1 year of life. At that time, I had high blood pressure, I was on the way to being a diabetic, was having heart issues, etc. When I left that office, I got in my car and cried. All I could think about was my kids. I reached out to Anointed Touch and from that point on my life was changed. I thank God for Anointed and for allowing God to use them to help me get down to a healthy 270 pounds.

-  Jenny

God is GOOD!! I lost a total of 15-20 lbs. Finding Anointed Touch was such a blessing. For a long time, I made excuses to why I couldn't make the changes I needed for my health and body. Anointed Touch and God worked a miracle to help me overcome many strongholds, which were holding me back. It hasn’t been easy, but I made some simple changes that have made a HUGE difference over time. I plan to take what I have learned on this journey and continue to keep moving forward knowing, I am more than a conquer and I am worthy!!


- Thomas

When I decided to make a change is when I was looking at pictures of me and my family one day. I said how did I let myself get like this.  It's very humbling and a blessing from God that he allowed me to be apart of this change and continued change.  Having Anointed Touch to assist me was a part of that blessing. Through help with AT and faith I have Lost a total of 42lbs.  I also went from a 44 waist to a 38 waist.  Through faith and hard work, I am excited to walk in the new me.



I am a client of Anointed Touch. I was 330 lbs. I am now 190 lbs. Anointed Touch is awesome. They incorporate nutritional education and guidance along with exceptional personal training. What is impressive is how they incorporate God in the whole entire plan. Sometimes we even prayed together on our Skype sessions. This has helped me be a better version of myself spiritually and physically. As a single woman that is very important when dealing with the trials of society.

Meet  Leo

 Fitness Trainer/Owner 
Anointed Touch Health Fitness & Beauty


Leo has been a personal training over 17 years. He is also certified master trainer, nutrition coach, and life purpose coach.

The vision of Anointed Touch came from his daughter Ayla Erial Walker. She died of cancer 11 years ago. Ayla was such a blessing and ANOINTING to Leo, God allowed her to TOUCH him in a way to be a blessing to others. Therefore, the name Anointed Touch Health Fitness and Beauty was born.

Leo has allowed God to help guide him to be a blessing to others within the fitness industry with weight loss, nutrition, self-confidence, and purpose. He without a doubt, is trusting God as his lamp and light. Ordering his steps to create Anointed Touch as an empowering and encouraging community for men and women, trying to lose weight as well as grow in God spiritually and mentally. 

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