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Being able to say “NO’ is a necessary ingredient in a healthy lifestyle.

David W. Earle.

A life without boundaries can become easily complicated, difficult to operate, and sometimes impossible to survive. Boundaries are created limits to your personal space that protect the inner core of your identity, preserve your peace of mind from encroaching intruders who care less about what you want. It is the courage to know when to say ‘No,’ and demand respect from those who seek to take advantage of you. If you give people a yard, they will take a mile; if you allow everything in your life, you should expect anything in return. And anything can be disastrous!

Although God is eternally loving, He has set boundaries, ancient landmarks, that must not be moved (Proverbs 23: 10). There was a boundary in the bliss of Eden for Adam, restrictions in Zion, and rules in the camp of His people. He knows human love to go to the extreme if allowed to gratify all their vanities.

Nothing of worth can be achieved if we allow everything to run its course and everyone to do as they please. While you must respect the boundaries of other people, it is important you are not always condescending to the demands of toxic people or conceding to the arrogance of self-absorbed individuals.

Personal boundaries are indispensable for a healthy, progressive, and productive life. It shuts the door against the crowd while keeping meaningful relationships intact. Lack of boundaries leads to a lack of respect. For your mental health, emotional wellbeing, social sanity, and spiritual wellness, you need to raise some fences around you, know what you want to allow and what you want. Consequently, this

might mean losing some relationships, and some people might decide to walk away. Eventually, you will keep only the right people and the positive energy around you. People who will love you for who you are and what you stand for are crucial to your peace, promotion, and progress.

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