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Not On Your Own


I need Jesus. Starting my morning in the Bible and prayer helps me set my focus on Him. I need this daily practice to remind me where my strength comes from and who I need to lead my life. I tried to handle my body image issues for too many years independently. I went to the Lord for help with many things in my life, but when it came to my weight loss worries, I tried to fix them on my own.

Is there an area of your life you’re trying to do alone?

Many people tend to separate their faith and their fitness. They don’t realize that God is interested in every part of their lives, even their fitness. Let’s be honest – how we feel in our bodies impacts everything in our lives. So, of course, the Lord is interested in that. God created you. He gave you a body to live in and wants you to have peace with your body. He can free you from worries and insecurities so that you can live the life He’s designed for you.

If you want a healthy and sustainable life, don’t try to do it alone.

You’ll never have peace, and you’ll never experience victory without God’s help.

The reason is that you must find your worth first in Christ. Your worth doesn’t come from your appearance. I was trying to earn love and acceptance when I was doing it alone. The truth, however, was that I was already loved and accepted.

You are loved and accepted, just as you are.

It’s not going to be your own doing or someone else’s diet plan that will give you victory in this area of your life. You’ll win when you commit all of your life, even your health and fitness, to the Lord. The Lord is with you, He’ll also provide you with a community who are choosing to allow God to lead them on their health and fitness journey. You were not meant to travel alone. In fact, you can’t have victory in any area without God’s help and your surrender to Him.


Apsley, M. (2023, June 21). Not On Your Own - Psalm 44:3. Faith & Fitness Magazine.

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