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The Flip Side of The Coronavirus

We’re living in uncertain times, no doubt. And given that CERTAINTY is the #1 need all humans have, it’s no wonder things have gone off the rails so quickly. People need to know they’re going to be OK. And that certainty – whether it’s with their health, finances, or even a semblance of normal life has been ripped away in a matter of days and weeks.

The 24/7/365 news hype hasn’t helped either. No matter what your feelings on the situation are, a pandemic is out of everyone’s personal control. But what’s NEVER out of your control is how you are choosing to think and act in this time.

With that being said because of my faith in God I choose to believe the positive.

Even in the most scary, uncertain times, there’s always a flip side or positive.

There’s always opportunity especially if you believe in God. I believe that those who focus on the opportunity will emerge THRIVING with an even better quality of life.

You can use challenge as a gift or become victim to it. I encourage you to focus on the former.

Here are a few phenomenal areas to improve your life in this strange time:

1. Improve relationships.

If you’re staying at home, bond with your family and friends. Whether in person or over Face time. We get so busy in our lives that we neglect those closest to us so often. This is an opportunity to reconnect in a powerful way.

2. Get super fit and healthy.

If you always felt pressed for time before, you may find yourself with extra time now – especially if you are isolating.

Cook delicious, healthy meals at home. Learn or create new recipes. Discover new things you enjoy. Workout DAILY in your home (even if you have no equipment!) – Although we the gyms are shut down, we are offering virtual training through zoom. We are not going to allow our limits challenge us we are going to challenge our limits. So those that are interested let’s talk. Your health MUST be your top priority in times like these.

3. Grow yourself.

Read more. Listen to podcasts. Journal and uncover what you want out of life. Again – all of those things you never made time for are perfect for right now.

Hate that job you’re away from anyway? Craft your business plan.

Use this time to DECIDE who you want to become.

Remember this…

Your thoughts control your emotions. Your emotions control your actions. Your actions today control your future outcomes. Know where you want to be when this blows over, as it inevitably will. Align your thoughts with God as your guide and what you where you want to be so you can create it. If you allow your thoughts to become consumed by negativity, that is the result you’ll have weeks, months, or years down the road. How we react to all of this is largely a choice, for better or for worse. What opportunity do you see for yourself through all of this? Together, we will get through this. Through the grace of God, I’m planning to come out stronger in every way. Will you join me?

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