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He that refuses instruction despises his own soul: but he that hears reproof gets understanding.-Proverbs 15: 32

We love to welcome you to this wonderful season of love and thanksgiving. We are glad and grateful because God has been faithful through the ups and downs of this, particularly challenging year. We are also convinced in the consistency of God that the New Year will be better and greater in all spheres for you and your loved ones.

As we look forward to what God has in store for us in the coming year, we must be intentional about positioning ourselves and conditioning our spirits, souls, and bodies to take advantage of the doors of opportunities that will be opened to us. Beloved, you are known to God before you were formed in our mother’s womb and He has ordained for you a destiny which you must fulfill in your lifetime. God wants you to prosper in wealth and health. However, the greatest enemy of a man’s soul is not usually the devil, bad government, unfaithful friend, sociopolitical instability, or a toxic family member. You might just be the biggest obstacle to your greatness.

Charles Spurgeon says “Beware of no man more than of yourself; we carry our worst enemies within us.” Your fears, doubts, anxieties, insecurities, and negative habits might be the reason why you have not entered into the reality of what God has for you.

You have the right to determine your limit, accept your weakness, set your boundaries, and define your destiny. You are responsible for how far you see and how long you are willing to go. Those who say they can and those who say they can’t are usually right. You can choose to align with God’s plans and purpose in the coming year through faith and deliberate effort by facing your fears and enlarging your capacity. You should not be complacent in progress and condescend to the low life of mediocrity that the Lord has not ordained for you.

To avoid being your obstacle, you have to choose your friends wisely (1 Corinthians 15: 33), face your fears (2 Timothy 1: 7), focus on your strength (Joel 3: 10), improve on your weakness (2 Corinthians 12: 9), be positive about the future (Proverbs 23: 7) and leverage your faith in God (Isaiah 40: 31). You are the architect of your fate and the captain of your soul. Whether you are healthy or sick, progressive or stagnant, happy or sad, confident or fearful depends on the choices you made and the actions you take. From today, you can make a decision not to be your own obstacle in the path of greatness. Remember, Maximum Effort At All Times!!

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